Nebulflaem F2000 Portable Nebuliser / Nebulizer - Made in Italy

Asthma Devices

$349.99 $431.30
SKU: 47220

Nebulflaem F2000 is designed for heavy use to meet the strict requirements for hospital and clinical use. The Nebulflaem F2000 has a powerful reciprocating piston compressor which requires no lubrication (even when used continuously).

The Nebulflaem F2000 system incorporates the RAPIDFLAEM 4 jet nebuliser and a full set of hygienically plastic-wrapped accessories including mouthpiece, adult mask, two soft child masks in colors blue and pink and nasal prongs. Flaem?s patented anti vibration system offers a silent and vibration free operation which makes it comfortable for use.

The Nebulflaem F2000 system provides continuous high performance comparable to larger and more expensive units even after frequent and prolonged use.

The case is moulded from thermoplastic resins, has robust features, a handy carry handle and a large accessory compartment which is hygienically separated from the cord storage compartment.

Clinically Tested.