Alpha Keri Supple Shower and Body OIL 1L

Alpha Keri

SKU: 2491567

Advanced 3 in 1 Cleansing Treatment Proven Hydration Protection. The original fragrance is back. Transform your skin with this advanced multipurpose 3 in 1 daily cleansing treatment oil. The soft lather gently cleanses and re-balances moisture levels long after you shower.

Excellent in assisting to relieve skin irritation to protect & repair delivering instantly soft smooth & supple skin. Enjoy soft velvety skin that hydrates continuously for 24 hours and wear your skin with pride. Ideal for baby & infants. Dermatologically tested.

Lanolin Hydro Technology: 3-way action transforms moisture sapped tight & dry parched skin. Uber-moisturising super-hydrator Lanolin carries 200% of its weight in water to infuse the skin with moisture. Restore the skin lipids by assisting their function to hold moisture within the skin. Protect with a barrier on the skin’s surface locking moisture in and irritants outs.