AVEENO Smart Ess. Moist SPF30 75ml

Sun exposure, free-radicals, environmental toxins and a hectic lifestyle can rob your skin of essential nourishment, resulting in noticeably stressed skin. Formulated with antioxidant southernwood extract, Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30 helps keep what's good for your skin in and what's bad out, replenishing and helping to protect your skin wherever the day takes you. In fact, in a clinical study 100% of women showed an improvement in the look of stressed skin.z
Smart skincare that knows what your skin needs and what it doesn't because it keeps the good in:

  • Lightweight formula enriched with antioxidants and vitamins is clinically proven to replenish stressed skin and keep in essential moisture, softens and smoothes skin with conditioning emollients.
    And the bad out:
  • Designed to strengthen skin's barrier with an exclusive formula combining Aveenos latest Active Naturals technology and sunscreen protection, helps protect skin from environmental stressors, including sun's harmful uva/uvb rays.
    Discover nature's secret for truly great, healthy-looking skin. Aveeno Smart Essentials is a unique line harnessing the power of active naturals antioxidant southernwood extract in formulas to cleanse, nourish, protect and treat stressed skin so you can look beautiful every day. Recommended by dermatologists for over 60 years, Aveeno combines the best of nature and science to reveal the natural beauty of your skin. Aveeno uses select natural ingredients because of their advanced benefits; we call these Active Naturals, natural ingredients uniquely formulated to deliver visible results.