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Earigate Ear Cleansing System helps to prevent the build up of ear wax. Earigate Ear Cleansing System comes in an easy-to-use canister with a flexi-tip nozzle for a patented reverse spray action. Earigate Ear Cleansing System is a 100% natural solution as it contains only natural-source sea water to quickly remove all ear wax safely from the ear canal, as well as helping to decrease earwax build-up. Earigate Ear Cleansing System is safe and effective to use on both adults and children. Use Directions on how to use Earigate Ear Cleansing System: Remove blue over cap . DO NOT CUT OR REMOVE WHITE TIP, as this will cause product to spray forward and may cause ear injury. Tilting head to the left, insert tip into the left ear and activate. Solution will wash wax back out of the ear. Tilt head to the right and repeat procedure for the right ear. Each application should be a quick spray for one seconds duration Always read the label. Ingredients Active Ingredients: Earigate Ear Cleansing System contains: Isotonic, desalinated, 100% natural- source sea water, no preservatives, hypoallergenic