NAT.Instinct Facial Clns.Foam 125ml

Natural Instinct (Skin Care)

SKU: 2476584

Natural Instinct Cream Cleansermade with Jojoba, Witch Hazel & pro-Vitamin B5Cleanses, Freshens & Revives.

Natural Instinct Cream Cleanserblend combines organic Red Grape extract along with Jojoba and pro-Vitamin B5, all gently scented with pure essential oils, to leave your complexion feeling replenished and soft.

Natural Instinct products contain NO sodium lauryl sulphate, no petroleum by-products, no artificial frangrances or colours, no harsh detergents, no animal derivatives, and no harmful chemicals. All ingredients are plant derived and environmentally friendly, and contain only the finest quality ingredients including certified organic herbs and pure oils. The pH level in all our products is balanced, unlike soaps and other cleansers which are high in alkaline and result in dry skin.