NL Carb Lite Gold 500g Vanilla

Meal Replacements

SKU: 2297132

Great-tasting, low-carb nutritional shake with high quality whey protein. 
The ideal “whey” to start the day. Just 99 calories per serve when made with water. 

Protein supports your weight management both by helping you to feel full for longer, and by feeding your lean muscle tissue. 

Nutra-Life Carb Lite Gold shake is lean on carbs and high in protein, with the added benefits of SuperCitrimax®, Maintaining your ideal weight is all about balancing your energy intake with your energy output on a daily basis. Let Carb Lite Gold help you out. Each 25g serve* provides 17.0g of protein to Support lean muscle mass maintenance

Help your body to naturally utilise fat as an energy source
Feel full for longer