NL Natural Protein Van 500g


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High protein, low carb shake that is made from all-natural whey protein sourced from New Zealand cows. Protein assists with growth of muscle mass, tissue repair and can increase satiety (a feeling of fullness).

Nutra-Life Natural Daily Protein is an all-natural, whey protein shake. It boasts 23g of protein but only 121 calories per serve. Our high protein, low carb formula contains quality whey protein sourced from growth-hormone-free cows fed a diet that includes rich, green New Zealand pasture. Our great tasting and convenient Chocolate protein powder is also naturally sweetened and flavoured, plus is gluten free.

Nutra-Life Natural Daily Protein provides a good source of protein. A diet high in protein can increase satiety, or feeling of fullness.

Protein assists with:

  • Growth and maintenance of muscle mass*
  • Tissue building and repair*
  • Maintenance of bones*