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Zantac Relief tablets control excess acid for at least 12 hours, to bring you rapid and long lasting relief, day or night from indigestion and heartburn. Active Ingredients: Ranitidine 150mg Dosage: Adults and children 12yrs or over: Take 1 tablet at any time of the day of night. Swallow whole with a glass of water. Do not chew. No more than 2 tablets in any 24 hour period. Warnings: If your symptoms persist consult your doctor or pharmacist. Purpose: Your stomach makes acid which helps digest your food. Sometimes your stomach can produce too much acid, and it can flow back into your oesophagus causing acid indigestion. Zantac Relief belongs to a group of medicines called H2 Antagonists (or H2 blockers). Instead of just neutralising your excess stomach acid like antacid, H2 antagonists work by preventing your stomach from producing too much acid in the first place. Zantac Relief: Controls acid production rather than just neutralising Lets you enjoy food and drink Can be taken before or after food Acts fast, and provides long lasting relief