Avent Natural Teat Fast Flow 2pk

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SKU: 2426714

The Philips AVENT Natural Variable Flow Nipple is designed to make it easy to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The wide, breast-shape and unique comfort petals make the nipple softer and more flexible to promote natural latch-on. The petals also reinforce the shape of the nipple to prevent it from collapsing in baby's mouth so your baby can feed contentedly and without interruption. Designed for babies at least three months old, the Variable Flow Nipple features a slot-hole design that allows you to change the flow of milk and accommodates thicker liquids.

- Turn the bottle to adjust flow speed
- Wide, breast-shaped nipple encourages natural latch-on
- Made of soft and durable BPA-free silicone
- Anti-colic twin valve keeps air out of baby's your tummy
- Can be sterilized in any Philips AVENT sterilizer